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Electron transfer to semiconductor surfaces
(Femtochemistry - Femtobiology)

The electron transfer from organic dye molecules into semiconductor nanoparticles is the key feature of novel wet solar cells, as e.g. the Grätzel cell (see for further information). The underlying charge transfer from a system with discrete energy levels into a quasi-continuum of acceptor states is not well understood and represents a theoretical and experimental challenge. The nearly infinite number of acceptor states leads to extremely short transfer times in the range of a few femtoseconds which cannot be resolved by standard femtosecond set-ups.

In our group we developed a pump-probe set-up enabling to directly time resolve these reactions over a broad spectral range (UV-NIR). For the first time the influence of surface states on the transfer process could be demonstrated with this device, further more vibrational coherences and injection times were directly observed.

Previous coworkers:  Josef Wachtveitl
Robert Huber

Publications:  "Beyond vibrationally mediated electron transfer: interfacial charge injection on a sub-10-fs time scale"
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