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News:   Appointment for a professorship at the University of Rostock

I recently accepted happily the offer of a full professorship in experimental physics at the University of Rostock. The new group will be started in October 2007. The research will cover two major areas. One is fundamental processes in molecules and the other dynamics in organic materials and multicomponent systems. This icludes electronic excitations in aggregates, charge separation in heterojunctions, and exciton dynamics in polymers with a high regularity.

A couple of positions for diploma and PhD students are available. If you are interested, please contact me by phone or email.

Scientific Interests

The focus of my scientific interests lies in molecular dynamics including

To observe these processes in real time Beschreibung we use pump-probe absorption spectroscopy with a temporal resolution of 20 fs. For the investigation of electronic configuration changes we apply in addition photo electron spectroscopy in close collaboration with Albert Stolow and his coworkers (Ottawa, Canada)

The techniques relay on the availability of laser pulses in the visible and ultraviolet spectral region with a duration in the order of 10 fs. In this context we work on


In my spare time I like to go hiking or to make a bicycle tour through the surrounding areas of Munich. In winter my interests shift to back country skiing.

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