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Speech recognition in neural architecture
(Data based Modelling and Neuroinformatics)

The machine recognition of human speech still poses a challenge. In the past years, biologically motivated concepts for the preprocessing of acoustic signals and the for pattern recognition have been developed at BMO. Within these concepts, a Bayesian Classificator, that gives a probabilistic statement on the affiliation of acoustic patterns to phonem classes, plays a key role in the neural implementation.

Currently, we are working on the identification of word sequences within fluently spoken speech characterized by segmented sequences of phoneme hypotheses vectors

Previous coworkers:  Tassilo Christ
Niels Lange
Paul Tavan
Florian Metze
Sebastian Albrecht
Martin Kloppenburg
Dominik Dersch
Niels Kunstmann
Jan Busch
Claus Hillermeier
Johann Kühnel

Publications:  "Generalized radial basis function networks for classification and novelty detection: Self-organization of optimal Bayesian decision"
S. Albrecht, J. Busch, M. Kloppenburg, F. Metze und P. Tavan
Neural Networks 13: 1075-1093 (2000)

"Multivariate GRBF-Netzwerke und Systeme lokaler Experten: Neue Konzepte und ihre Anwendung bei komplexen Regelungsaufgaben"
Sebastian Albrecht
Doktorarbeit, Institut für Medizinische Optik der LMU, Fakultät für Physik, LMU München

"Deterministic annealing for density estimation by multivariate normal mixtures"
M. Kloppenburg, P. Tavan
Phys. Rev E 55: 2089-2092, 1997

"Datenrepräsentation durch Prototypen: Erweiterte Konzepte und ihre Anwendung in der Bild- und Sprachverarbeitung"
Johann Kühnel
Doktorarbeit , Institut für Medizinische Optik, Fakultät für Physik, LMU München

"Regularized vector quantization for phoneme classification"
H. Kühnel, P. Tavan
Proceedings of the ICANN'94, Sorrento M. Moreno and P.G. Morasso, eds., Springer (London 1994), 937-940

"Load balanced vector quantization"
D. R. Dersch, P. Tavan
Proceedings of the ICANN'94, Sorrento M. Moreno and P.G. Morasso, eds., Springer (London 1994), 1067-1070

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