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Herr Maximilian Bradler
 Erzeugung und Charakterisierung von Femtosekunden-Superkontinua

Erzeugung abstimmbarer Pulse bis ins mittlere IR - bei kHz und 100 kHz Repetitionsrate

Aufbau und Charakterisierung breitbandiger transienter Spektrometer mit höchster Zeitauflösung vom UV bis ins mittlere IR
Recent Publications: "Highly Selective Relaxation of the OH Stretching Overtones in Isolated HDO Molecules Observed by IR Pump-Repump-Probe Spectroscopy"
D. Hutzler, J. C. Werhahn, R. Heider, M. Bradler, R. Kienberger, E. Riedle, and H. Iglev
J. Phys. Chem. A 119, 6831 - 6836 (2015).

"Femtosecond single-electron pulses generated by two-photon photoemission close to the work function"
L. Kasmi, D. Kreier, M. Bradler, E. Riedle, P. Baum
New J. Phys. 17, 033008 (2015).

"Direct Generation of 7 fs Whitelight Pulses from Bulk Sapphire"
E. Wittmann, M. Bradler, and E. Riedle
K. Yamanouchi et al. (eds.), Ultrafast Phenomena XIX, Springer Proceedings in Physics 162, 725 - 728 (2015).

"Pushing the NOPA to New Frontiers: Output to Below 400 nm, MHz Operation and ps Pump Duration"
M. Bradler, K. Lamia, P. Baum, and E. Riedle
K. Yamanouchi et al. (eds.), Ultrafast Phenomena XIX, Springer Proceedings in Physics 162, 757 - 760 (2015).

"A broad and tunable 250 to 430 nm source for microscopy and life time measurements by frequency doubling of a 78 MHz picosecond white light laser"
M. Bradler, F. D. Nielsen, C. E. Eckert, and E. Riedle
Appl. Phys. B 116, 875 - 882 (2014).

"Temporal and spectral correlations in bulk continua and improved use in transient spectroscopy"
M. Bradler, E. Riedle
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 31, 1465 - 1475 (2014).

"Sub-20 fs µJ-energy pulses tunable down to the near-UV from a 1 MHz Yb-fiber laser system"
M. Bradler, E. Riedle
Opt. Lett. 39, 2588 - 2591 (2014).

"Broadband difference frequency mixing between visible and near-infrared pulses for few-cycle pulse generation with stable carrier-envelope phase"
M. Bradler, C. Homann, and E. Riedle
Appl. Phys. B 113, 19 - 25 (2013).

"A novel setup for femtosecond pump-repump-probe IR spectroscopy with few cycle CEP stable pulses"
M. Bradler, J. C. Werhahn, D. Hutzler, S. Fuhrmann, R. Heider, E. Riedle, H. Iglev, and R. Kienberger
Opt. Express 21, 20145 - 20158 (2013).

"Pulsed UV-light source"
C. L. Thomsen, F. D. Nielsen, S. Hauser, E. Riedle, M. Bradler
dänische Patentanmeldung DK 2012 70597 A1

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