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Dipl.-Phys. Teja Herzog
 Weiterentwicklung eines Femtosekundenbreitbandspektrometers und Messungen an photochromen Molekülen
Recent Publications: "Photoisomerization of Hemithioindigo compounds: Combining Solvent- and Substituent Effects into an Advanced Reaction Model"
W. Zinth, F. Graupner, T. Herzog, F. Rott, S. Oesterling, R. de Vivie-Riedle, T. Cordes

"The photochemical ring opening reaction of chromene as seen by transient absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy"
Teja T. Herzog, Gerald Ryseck, Evelyn Ploetz, Thorben Cordes
Photochem. Photobiol. Sci. 12 (2013) 1202 1209

"Ultrafast spectroscopy of UV-induced DNA-lesions on the search for strategies which keep DNA alive"
W. Zinth, B. P. Fingerhut, T. T. Herzog, G. R. Ryseck, K. Haiser, F. F. Graupner, K. Heil, P. Gilch, W. J. Schreier, T. Carell, R. de Vivie-Riedle
Proceedings of the XVIIIth International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena, Lausanne, Switzerland. EPJ Web of Conferences 41, 07005 (2013).

"Dynamics of ultraviolet-induced DNA lesions: Dewar formation guided by pre-tension induced by the backbone"
B. P. Fingerhut, T. T. Herzog, G. Ryseck, K. Haiser, F. F. Graupner, K. Heil, P. Gilch, W. J. Schreier, T. Carell, R. de Vivie-Riedle and W. Zinth
New J. Phys. 14, 065006 (2012)

"Light-Switchable Hemithioindigo-Hemistilbene-Containing Peptides: Ultrafast Spectroscopy of the Z → E Isomerization of the Chromophore and the Structural Dynamics of the Peptide Moiety"
N. Regner, T. T. Herzog, K. Haiser, C. Hoppmann, M. Beyermann, J. Sauermann, M. Engelhard, T. Cordes, K. Rück-Braun, W. Zinth
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (2012) 4181-4191

"Mechanism of UV-Induced Formation of Dewar Lesions in DNA"
Karin Haiser, Benjamin P. Fingerhut, Korbinian Heil, Andreas Glas, Teja T. Herzog, Bert M. Pilles, Wolfgang J. Schreier, Wolfgang Zinth,* Regina de Vivie-Riedle,* and Thomas Carell
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 51, 2, 408 - 411 (2012)

"Light-Switchable HTI-Peptides: Ultrafast Structural Changes and Coupling between the Electronically Excited Chromophore and Amide Groups"
N. Regner, T. T. Herzog, K. Haiser, C. Hoppmann, J. Sauermann, K. Rück-Braun, M. Engelhard, T. Cordes, and W. Zinth
Ultrafast Phenomena XVII, Oxford University Press, Inc., M. Chergui, D. Jonas, E. Riedle, R.W. Schoenlein, A. Taylor, eds.514-516(2011)

"Molecular Driving Forces for Z/E Isomerization Mediated by Heteroatoms: The Example Hemithioindigo"
Artur Nenov, Thorben Cordes, Teja T. Herzog, Wolfgang Zinth, Regina de Vivie-Riedle
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114, 13016-13030 (2010)

"Ultrafast Hemithioindigo-based Peptide-Switches"
T. Cordes, C. Elsner, T. T. Herzog, C. Hoppmann, T. Schadendorf, W. Summerer, K. Rück-Braun, W. Zinth
Chemical Physics, 2009, 358, pp 103-110

"Excitation Wavelength Dependent Pump Probe Signatures of Molecular Crystals"
C. Root, F. J. Lederer, T. E. Schrader, T. T. Herzog, T. Cordes, P. Gilch, M. Braun
Applied Physics A, 96 (2009) 99

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