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M. Sc. Henrieta Derondeau
My master thesis was supervised by PD Dr. Jan Minar (AK Prof. H. Ebert, LMU Mümchen). The focus was on comprehensive theoretical study of novel class of materials as hot candidates in field of spintronics. All ab-initio calculations were based on the multiple scattering approach (Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker (KKR) method) and density functional theory.

Photochromic compounds are a class of molecules, which molecular structure can be changed upon irradiation of optical or electrical stimulation. In the case of diarylethenes (DAEs), the cyclization reaction - bond formation at the photochromic core can be induced by UV light, while the cycloreversion reaction - bond cleavage can be initiated by visible light. One of the various reasons why this family of materials has attracted so much attention is the combination of an outstanding performance, good thermal stability and most effective optical properties with possible applications in optoelectronics, molecular sensors and memory storages. We focus on a comprehensive study of the ultrafast switching processes in the broad spectral and time ranges for series of DAEs with optimized structure.
Publications: "Photodecarboxylative ring annulation of α- and β-functionalized phthaloyl-GABA derivatives: a concise route to bioactive pyrroloiso-indolinones with high quantum efficiency"
W. Schulze, A. Zimmer, J.-M. Neudörfl, F..M. Dato, P. Sommerfeld, M. Pietsch, H. Derondeau, F. Gaida, E. Riedle, and A. G. Griesbeck
ChemPhotoChem, submitted (2024)

"The central role of the metal ion for photoactivity: Zn- vs. Ni-Mabiq"
R. Lauenstein, S. L. Mader, H. Derondeau, O. Z. Esezobor, M. Block, A. J. Römer, C. Jandl, E. Riedle, V. R. I. Kaila, J. Hauer, E. Thyrhaug, and C. R. Hess
Chem. Sci. 12, 7521-7532 (2021).

"Determination of Reaction Quantum Yields: LED Based Setup with Better 5 % Precision"
Henrieta Volfova, Qi Hu, and Eberhard Riedle
EPA Newsletter, June 2019, pp. 51-69

" Visible Light Driven "on" / "off" Photochromism of a Polyoxometalate Diarylethene Coordination Complex"
J. Xu, H. Volfova, R. J. Mulder, L. Goerigk, G. Bryant, E. Riedle and C. Ritchie
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 140, 10482 - 10487 (2018)

"Spin Polarization and Attosecond Time Delay in Photoemission from Spin Degenerate States of Solids"
M. Fanciulli, H. Volfová, S. Muff, J. Braun, H. Ebert, J. Minar, U. Heinzmann, J. H. Dil
Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 067402 (2017).
(no BMO publications)

"Disentangling bulk and surface Rashba effects in ferroelectric α-GeTe "
J. Krempasky, H. Volfova, S. Muff, N. Pilet, G. Landolt, M. Radovic, M. Shi, D. Kriegner, V. Holy, J. Braun, H. Ebert, F. Bisti, V. A. Rogalev, V. N. Strocov, G. Springholz, J. Minar, and J. H. Dil
Phys. Rev. B 94, 205111, (2016)
(no BMO publications)

"Entanglement and manipulation of the magnetic and spin-orbit order in multiferroic Rashba semiconductors"
J. Krempasky, S. Muff, F. Bisti, M. Fanciulli, H. Volfova, A. P. Weber, N. Pilet, P. Warnicke, H. Ebert, J. Braun, F. Bertran, V. V. Volobuev, J. Minar, G. Springholz, J. H. Dil & V. N. Strocov
Nature Communications 7, 13071 (2016).
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"Spin mapping of surface and bulk Rashba states in ferroelectric &alpha-GeTe(111) films"
H. J. Elmers, R. Wallauer, M. Liebmann, J. Kellner, M. Morgenstern, R. N. Wang, J. E. Boschker, R. Calarco, J. Sanchez-Barriga, O. Rader, D. Kutnyakhov, S. V. Chernov, K. Medjanik, C. Tusche, M. Ellguth, H. Volfova, St. Borek, J. Braun, J. Minar, H. Ebert, and G. Schönhense
Phys. Rev. B 94, 201403(R), (2016).
(no BMO publications)

"Fermi Surface of Three-Dimensional La1−xSrxMnO3 Explored by Soft-X-Ray ARPES: Rhombohedral Lattice Distortion and its Effect on Magnetoresistance"
L. L. Lev, J. Krempasky, U. Staub, V. A. Rogalev, T. Schmitt, M. Shi, P. Blaha, A. S. Mishchenko, A. A. Veligzhanin, Y. V. Zubavichus, M. B. Tsetlin, H. Volfova, J. Braun, J. Minar, and V. N. Strocov
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 237601
(no BMO publications)