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(Femtochemistry - Femtobiology)

Trans-cis isomerizations in molecules containing double bonds are among the most fundamental reactions in organic chemistry. Thermal isomerisations usually involve large barriers and are slow. Dynamic aspects of the isomerization can thus not be addressed. Photoisomerizazions can proceed with characteristic times given by vibrational periods, i.e. occur on the femto- to picosecond time scale.
We are interested in the various factors influencing the isomerisation dynamics. In particular, we try to separate processes occuring on the excited state surface from the ground state processes. This we achieve by comparing femtosecond fluorescence and absorption signatures. Among the systems studied are azobenzenes, retinal proteins, and thioacetamides.

Previous coworkers:  Thorben Cordes
Peter Gilch
Bjoern Heinz
Helmut Satzger
Bernhard Schmidt

Publications:  "Molecular Driving Forces for Z/E Isomerization Mediated by Heteroatoms: The Example Hemithioindigo"
Artur Nenov, Thorben Cordes, Teja T. Herzog, Wolfgang Zinth, Regina de Vivie-Riedle
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114, 13016-13030 (2010)

"Photochromic bis(thiophen-3-yl)maleimides studied with time-resolved spectroscopy"
C. Elsner, T. Cordes, P. Dietrich, M. Zastrow, T. T. Herzog, K. Rück-Braun, W. Zinth
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2009, 113 (6), pp 10331039

"Accelerated and Efficient Photochemistry from Higher Excited Electronic States in Fulgide Molecules"
T. Cordes, S. Malkmus, J. DiGirolamo, W. J. Lees, A. Nenov, R. de Vivie-Riedle, M. Braun, W. Zinth
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A112 (51) (2008) 1336413371.

"Charakterisierung und Ultrakurzzeitspektroskopie von neusynthetisierten Schaltfarbstoffen"
Teja Herzog

"Chemical Control of Hemithioindigo-Photoisomerization Substituent-Effects on Different Molecular Parts"
T. Cordes, T. Schadendorf, K. Rück-Braun, and W. Zinth
Chemical Physics Letters 455 (2008) 197-201

"The Hammett Relationship and Reactions in the Excited Electronic State: Hemithioindigo Z/E-Photoisomerization"
T. Cordes, T. Schadendorf, B. Priewisch, K. Rück-Braun, and W. Zinth
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 112 (2008) 581-588

"Slower processes of the ultrafast photo-isomerization of an azobenzene observed by IR spectroscopy"
F. O. Koller, C. Sobotta, T. E. Schrader, T. Cordes, W. J. Schreier, A. Sieg, and P. Gilch
Chemical Physics 341 (2007) 258-266

"Infrared studies of small azobenzene peptides - unexpectedly slow reactions on the time range of minutes"
Florian O. Koller, Rossana Reho, Tobias E. Schrader, Luis Moroder, Josef Wachtveitl, Wolfgang Zinth
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 111 (2007) 10481-10486

"Photochemical Z &rarr E Isomerization of a Hemithioindigo/Hemistilbene omega-Amino Acid"
T. Cordes, B. Heinz, N. Regner, C. Hoppmann, T. E. Schrader, W. Summerer, K. Rück-Braun, and W. Zinth
ChemPhysChem 8 (2007) 1713 - 1721

"Comparing a Photoinduced Pericyclic Ring Opening and Closure: Differences in the Excited State Pathways"
B. Heinz, S. Malkmus, S. Laimgruber, S. Dietrich, C. Schulz, K. Rück-Braun, M. Braun, W. Zinth, P. Gilch
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129 (2007) 8577

"Hemithioindigo-Based Photoswitches as Ultrafast Light Trigger in Chromopeptides"
T. Cordes, D. Weinrich, S. Kempa, K. Riesselmann, S. Herre, C. Hoppmann, K. Rück-Braun, and W. Zinth
Chemical Physics Letters 428 (2006) 167 - 173

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