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Electron transfer reactions beyond conventional theory
(Femtochemistry - Femtobiology)

The standard description of the dynamics of electron transfer processes are based on the Marcus theory and its modifications, e.g. the one by Bixon and Jortner. One basic assumption of these theory is the thermal equilibrium of the reactants of the electron transfer. For reaction in the subpicosecond regime this assumption does not hold, since relaxation processes (dielectric and vibrational) are frequently slower. Besides in this time range the interesting crossover from non-adiabatic to adiabatic reaction behaviour is observed.

In our lab electron transfer systems with extremely short reaction times are investigated. For example, the intermolecular electron transfer time for the system oxazine 1 / dimethylaniline was determined to be ~ 30 fs. In this reaction the dye molecule oxazine 1 is surrounded by several donor molecules, therefore the "pair reaction time" can not be determined precisely. Latest results on an analogue intramolecular electron transfer system show that comparable (ultrashort) times can also be observed in this well defined system.

Previous coworkers:  Markus Braun
Peter Gilch
Erik Baigar
André Peine

Publications:  "Magnetic Field and Temperature Dependencies Shed Light on
the Recombination Kinetics of a Transition Metal Donor/Acceptor System"

T. von Feilitzsch, P. Härter, O. Schiemann, M. E. Michel-Beyerle, U. E. Steiner, P. Gilch
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"How Fast is the Ultrafast Electron Transfer in Solute-Solvent Systems?"
P. Gilch, E. Baigar,W. Zinth, M. Stoeckl, P. Haerter, T. von Feilitzsch and M.E. Michel-Beyerle
Ultrafast Phenomena XIII, Springer Series in Chem. Physics 71, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference, Eds. R.D. Miller, M.M. Murnane, N.F. Scherer, A.M. Weiner, Springer, Berlin (2002) 437-440

"Ultrafast intramolecular electron transfer from a ferrocence donor moiety to a nile blue acceptor"
E. Baigar, P. Gilch, W. Zinth, M. Stöckl, P. Härter, T. v. Feilitzsch, M.-E. Michel-Beyerle
Chem. Phys. Lett. 352 (2002) 176-184

"Nonexponentialities in the ultrafast electron-transfer dynamics in the system oxazine 1 in N,N-dimethylaniline"
S. Engleitner, M. Seel, W. Zinth
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 103 (1999) 3013-3019

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